Garbage City

Not to be confused with the upscale Garden City section of Cairo, Garbage City at the base of Mokattam Hill, is a squalled part of town with a fascinating back story. A group of maligned but enterprising Copts, known as Zabbaleen, took on the job of clearing the city’s trash. Men, women, and unfortunately children, … More Garbage City

Coptic Cairo

The Coptic area was fascinating. Narrow streets and alleys wind through the quarter leading to one of the oldest sections of Cairo. It is largely built over the 3rd century AD Roman fortress of Babylon. The Coptic people are native Egyptians who were converted to Christianity in the 1st Century. Copts today comprise just about … More Coptic Cairo


We spent the morning in Cairo then headed for the Giza plateau on the west side of the Nile around noon. It takes an hour to get there by car. The dusty main access road to the site parallels an irrigation channel, and the roadway is shared by all manner of vehicles and donkey carts. … More GIZA PLATEAU

Chihuly Nights

A stalwart group from Frederick ventured to NYC via Amtrak for a few days adventure in September. In  addition to some broadway shows, and an emotional visit to the 9/11 Museum, the prime objective was the exquisite exhibition at the New York Botanical Garden. Just a few stops on the Metro North line from Grand … More Chihuly Nights

Cranberry Pond

  August 10th was the last day of the AT Conference, and our 4th hike. It was the only one that Jane did not lead. It was a welcomed relief not to be responsible for a rag tag group of hikers, but to simply enjoy the 7-mile trek. The downside of not being in charge … More Cranberry Pond

Christina’s World

This was a welcomed zero-mile day during the Appalachian Trail Conference. After 3 grueling days afoot, we slept in and had a pleasant ride along the Maine coast. We visited the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland that featured a special exhibit—“Andrew Wyeth at 100: Maine Drawings.” The artist spent his summers in Maine. After enjoying … More Christina’s World

100 Mile Wilderness

It was a 2-hour drive to the starting point, including a very bumpy ride along a dirt road. This was the southern portion of the notorious 100 Mile Wilderness. We started at Monson Road and began with a long climb up to the top of Little Wilson Falls. The trail overseer for this portion of … More 100 Mile Wilderness

Up a Tree

The crowd of vehicles in the distance was a giveaway that something was going on. As we approached, a herd of impala anxiously pawed the ground and nervously scanning the horizon. Then a determined pack of hyena scampered by. As we advanced to the parked cars it was hard to discern anything at first. Three … More Up a Tree