Valley of Kings

Not far from our guest house was the famous Valley of the Kings. From our rooftop at night, we could see the illuminated hills. It only whetted our appetite for seeing the real thing. Recognizing that earlier monuments at Giza were robbed over time, later dynasties, looked for remote locations to bury Pharaohs. The west … More Valley of Kings

Karnak Temple of Amun

On our second day in Luxor, we arranged for a guide and driver. First, we traveled to the west side of the Nile and visited the exquisite Luxor Museum. It’s a beautiful modern museum with stunning artifacts including an unusually realistic representation of heretical Pharaoh Akhenaten and a stunning statue of the cow goddess Hathor. … More Karnak Temple of Amun

Habu Temple

We took an hour-long flight in December, 2018, from Cairo, 300 miles south to Luxor. The green ribbon of vegetation flanking the Nile was in stark contrast to the red barren desert on either side. It divided the country into 2 barren masses. Windblown red dust obscured the earth below. Prior to our cruise down the … More Habu Temple

Super Mario

On Mokattam Hill, overlooking Garbage City, is the huge Coptic church known as the Monastery of Saint Simon. Taking advantage of a natural cave (modified with some modern excavation), a spectacular 20,000 seat amphitheater was hewed out of rock. They say it’s the largest church in the Middle East. There are also other churches nearby. … More Super Mario

Rio San Juan

If Lake Nicaragua was a giant bathtub, the mouth of the San Juan River at the tiny town of San Carlos, would be the drain. Water from the lake empties at a furious pace, winding its way though the river network before reaching the Caribbean Sea. From San Carlos, we took a 90-minute boat ride … More Rio San Juan

Los Guatuzos

The Refugio de Vida Silvestre los Guatuzos preserves a swath of land between the southern shore of Lake Nicaragua and Costa Rica. We learned that the area was slated for timbering in the 70s, but that was halted by the Revolution. The existence of now-cleared landmines thwarted development, and led to the protection of this … More Los Guatuzos

Solentiname Archipelago

A while back we learned of Chinese plans to build a new canal through Nicaragua. Of course the idea has been discussed for over a century. Its construction would threaten a unique area in southern Nica along the Rio San Juan, a huge river that drains lake Nicaragua into the Caribbean. Also, the Solentiname archipelago … More Solentiname Archipelago

Colorful Granada

Granada is a charming, walkable city. Located at the base of huge volcano that is shrouded in an ever-changing cloud forest. It’s the architecture that’s the real star of the place. Colorful buildings abound. Hidden gems abound wherever you look. Beautiful and tranquil gardens and courtyards hidden from view from the street. Every hotel and restaurant … More Colorful Granada