Women’s March


One day after a crowd witnessed the inauguration of Donald Trump as our 45th President, a much bigger throng descended on the Capital. It was an historic show of solidarity and outrage against the nasty, negative, narcissistic rant we’ve been hearing. It was a testament that many eyes, minds, and hearts will be watching  the Trump Administration closely. That sentiment echoed around the nation and world.

Our energetic County Councilwoman, Jessica Fitzwater, chartered a bus from Frederick.

2017-01-21-06-57-01 We departed at 7:00 and arrived at L’Enfant Plaza at 8:30. We stopped in the food court for some coffee and to take advantage of the rest rooms.


The Mennonites were a cheerful group perched on the corner. Click here to a short link of their performance of Wade in the Waterhttps://youtu.be/stQufVTdhZw

No force was needed to control this polite crowd.
No force was needed to control this polite crowd.







We took a position by the Air & Space Museum at 6th and Independence Aves. It was the closest we could get to the stage about 3 blocks ahead.


Fortunately, a great sound system and jumbo video screens enabled us to see and hear the activities.

Gloria Steinem was a featured speaker.
82 year-old Gloria Steinem was a featured speaker.

Here’s a sense of the excitement in the crowd when Gloria Steinem took the stage. https://youtu.be/coQCUjB3ISs

Probably the best part of the event was chatting with people and marveling at the signs and banners. In our part of the crowd, people traveled from New York, Boston, and Chicago to participate.

screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-11-50-33-amCalifornia Senator Kamala Harris addresses the Women s March on Washington 21st Jan 2017 video clip: https://youtu.be/ByCDO6kxfuA






left-or-right im-ith-her























Here’s a video link to see our gang in action— “Here’s what democracy looks like.   https://youtu.be/9loQmTNbshQ







Ashly Judd  “Nasty” video Clip https://youtu.be/ffb_5X59_DA


Being the consummate planner, Jane made 1:15 lunch reservations for 13 of her closest friends at the conveniently located Capital Grill. Normally it would take 5 minutes to walk there from our location. The crowd was so dense that we had a difficult but not unpleasant task to press through the dense horde. It was a surprisingly polite experience as we made our way against the crush of people. It reinforced an appreciation of the overwhelming size of the crowd and their incredibly  positive spirit. It took us 30 minutes to get there.








Nothing like a glass of wine and good meal to cap off a long morning of activism. Even though we had to wait an hour to be seated, we were fortunate to have a table.mens-room-takeover







As you can imagine when women outnumber men 5 to 1 all the bathrooms are liberated and turned into unisex accommodations.

The event organizers had planned for about 200,000 participants. The turnout was so much greater that they had to cancel the planned march to the White House because there were too many people. This decision occurred while we were at the restaurant. After the meal when we got back to Pennsylvania the thoroughfare was wall to wall people.

The crowds filled the streets as far as the eye could see.
The crowds filled the streets as far as the eye could see.


It as a mad dash back to our bus for a 4:00 departure. We made it just in time and we’re able to snooze on the way home. This was a memorial day that hopefully made an impression. It’s up to all of us to sustain the momentum and not be silent. A good way to get involved is to join in the campaign for 10 actions for the first 100 days.


The most popular Don in town.
The most popular Don in town.






4 thoughts on “Women’s March

  1. OMG you mustn’t have been far from us! We were up guide close to the screen! I see some if the same signs that were not far from us! Did you get to March down Pennsylvania? Paula

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    1. E sent the morning on Independence Ave by Air & Space. We had a good view of a monitor and mingled with a great crowd of like minded people.


  2. Thanks Michael for your post…Saturday was awesome. We marched on Pennsylvania to near the WH. Rich

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