Armed and Dangerous

Because of the unpredictability of wildlife, it’s dangerous to simply stroll around in Kruger National Park. In fact, the lodges are surrounded with barbed-wire electrified fences. Entrance gates are closed at dusk and don’t reopen until 5:00 am. But a good way to get out into the wilds is to join a nature walk, conducted … More Armed and Dangerous


Near the end of the day we came across several vehicles parked along the road. Neil pulled out his binoculars and sighted a cheetah stealthily hidden in the grass. It’s amazing how well their coloring blends into the landscape. After observing for a while, there was a stir a few meters away, and another cheetah … More Cheetah

Nkumbe Overlook

On one of our afternoon drives, we stopped at this panoramic overlook situated 400 meters above a massive veld or grassland. Our guide, Neil, mentioned that just 6 months ago the area was all brown and void of vegetation.   The region suffered from a year-long drought. Among the causalities at Kruger were over 1,500 … More Nkumbe Overlook