Near the end of the day we came across several vehicles parked along the road. Neil pulled out his binoculars and sighted a cheetah stealthily hidden in the grass. It’s amazing how well their coloring blends into the landscape. After observing for a while, there was a stir a few meters away, and another cheetah poped up. Neil speculated that the pair were brother cheetahs resting after a day of hunting.


It’s hard to explain how much time you can spend watching animals in the wild. For the longest time only their heads were occasionally visible. But due to the impassioned urging of Santina and Diana, the 2 cats began to stir.

Occasionally they would poke their heads up to scan the area. Their camouflage is so cunning, it’s difficult to locate them in the landscape. From our vantage point in the truck, we spotted a wildebeest about 300 yards to the side. It was out of the cats’ sight line. During our half hour watch, the creature remained absolutely motionless, as if it was sculpted stone. We speculated that it saw the cats in the grass and remained immobile to avoid detection.

Meanwhile in the grass, the 2 cheetah brothers started to stir. A rumbling truck may have disturbed them or perhaps it was the whispered pleading of Santina that brought them to their feet. They stood up, stretched, and scanned the horizon. They didn’t seem concerned, since they nuzzled next to each other. Santina’s wish for great views of the cheetah were amply rewarded.


Finally, the wildebeest moved. It started off away from the cats. We wondered if they might be turning into a chase scene and the kill, but the cheetahs couldn’t be bothered.

A mighty fierce yawn.

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