Up a Tree

The crowd of vehicles in the distance was a giveaway that something was going on. As we approached, a herd of impala anxiously pawed the ground and nervously scanning the horizon. Then a determined pack of hyena scampered by.

As we advanced to the parked cars it was hard to discern anything at first. Three trees in the distance, about 100 meters away, were the object of everyone’s attention. Perched in the crotch of the center tree was a leopard. Its catch, a limp impala, draped over the branch.

It recently lugged its prey to the safety of the tree. The panting cheetah was clearly exhausted. Imagine climbing 10 meters up a tree carrying a dead weight as heavy as you! I’m sorry we missed that feat. I was pleased that the zoom on my little camera was able to capture some nice images.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the safari experience was observing the full panorama and witnessing the interaction among species.

In the distance vultures were circling high above. It was only a matter of time until they honed in on a potential meal. The hyena were already on the way. The leopard’s kill was just the beginning of an interconnected dance. Now that the meal was served, would the leopard be able to enjoy the feast before unwelcomed guests barged in?



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