Cranberry Pond

    August 10th was the last day of the AT Conference, and our 4th hike. It was the only one that Jane did not lead. It was a welcomed relief not to be responsible for a rag tag group of hikers, but to simply enjoy the 7-mile trek. The downside of not being in … More Cranberry Pond

Christina’s World

This was a welcomed zero-mile day during the Appalachian Trail Conference. After 3 grueling days afoot, we slept in and had a pleasant ride along the Maine coast. We visited the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland that featured a special exhibit—“Andrew Wyeth at 100: Maine Drawings.” The artist spent his summers in Maine. After enjoying … More Christina’s World

100 Mile Wilderness

It was a 2-hour drive to the starting point, including a very bumpy ride along a dirt road. This was the southern portion of the notorious 100 Mile Wilderness. We started at Monson Road and began with a long climb up to the top of Little Wilson Falls. The trail overseer for this portion of … More 100 Mile Wilderness