Christina’s World

This was a welcomed zero-mile day during the Appalachian Trail Conference. After 3 grueling days afoot, we slept in and had a pleasant ride along the Maine coast. We visited the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland that featured a special exhibit—“Andrew Wyeth at 100: Maine Drawings.” The artist spent his summers in Maine. After enjoying … More Christina’s World

100 Mile Wilderness

It was a 2-hour drive to the starting point, including a very bumpy ride along a dirt road. This was the southern portion of the notorious 100 Mile Wilderness. We started at Monson Road and began with a long climb up to the top of Little Wilson Falls. The trail overseer for this portion of … More 100 Mile Wilderness

Up a Tree

The crowd of vehicles in the distance was a giveaway that something was going on. As we approached, a herd of impala anxiously pawed the ground and nervously scanning the horizon. Then a determined pack of hyena scampered by. As we advanced to the parked cars it was hard to discern anything at first. Three … More Up a Tree

Armed and Dangerous

Because of the unpredictability of wildlife, it’s dangerous to simply stroll around in Kruger National Park. In fact, the lodges are surrounded with barbed-wire electrified fences. Entrance gates are closed at dusk and don’t reopen until 5:00 am. But a good way to get out into the wilds is to join a nature walk, conducted … More Armed and Dangerous


Near the end of the day we came across several vehicles parked along the road. Neil pulled out his binoculars and sighted a cheetah stealthily hidden in the grass. It’s amazing how well their coloring blends into the landscape. After observing for a while, there was a stir a few meters away, and another cheetah … More Cheetah

Nkumbe Overlook

On one of our afternoon drives, we stopped at this panoramic overlook situated 400 meters above a massive veld or grassland. Our guide, Neil, mentioned that just 6 months ago the area was all brown and void of vegetation.   The region suffered from a year-long drought. Among the causalities at Kruger were over 1,500 … More Nkumbe Overlook

March for Science

Washington D. C. April 22, 2017. Even the cool rainy weather could not dampen spirits on this Earth Day anniversary. A large crowd of advocates for science gathered at the Washington Monument. Our group of 8 joined the throng. An assembly of speakers addressed the crowd, including Bill Nye, the Science Guy. Nye spoke to … More March for Science

Kruger National Park

The adventure began in Johannesburg. Our hardy band of eight met at the hotel to join our guide, Neil. We stowed our gear in an attached trailer and took seats in a comfortable van for the 4-hour drive to Kruger National Park. Along the way, we stopped for a “tea and pee” break at a … More Kruger National Park